Rajasthan’s Agriculture and Crops

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Rajasthan’s Agriculture and Crops Before independence, agriculture was the backbone of Rajasthan’s economy. Agriculture and animal husbandry employ around 70% of Rajasthan’s entire working population, both directly and indirectly. Agriculture and related industries provide for over 52 percent of Rajasthan’s total revenue. Rajasthan accounts for 10.2% of India’s total agricultural land. The Kharif season sees … Read more

12 enhanced wheat cultivars for Rajasthan

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12 enhanced wheat cultivars for Rajasthan, along with their features The state of Rajasthan has a diverse range of crop varieties due to its geographical position and environmental variability. As a result of the geographical location and environmental variance, the following particular wheat cultivars have been recommended: HD 2967 The Indian Agricultural Research Institute in … Read more