Moong Cultivation 2022: Read this if you plan to plant moong in Zayed…

Moong Cultivation 2022: Read this if you plan to plant moong in Zayed Moong is a popular pulse crop that is grown throughout Rajasthan. Zayed Moong cultivation is advantageous in locations with high water holding capacity, catchment areas, and sandy loam, black, and yellow soils with good water holding ability. Zayed Moong can be sown … Read more

Rajasthan’s Agriculture and Crops

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Rajasthan’s Agriculture and Crops Before independence, agriculture was the backbone of Rajasthan’s economy. Agriculture and animal husbandry employ around 70% of Rajasthan’s entire working population, both directly and indirectly. Agriculture and related industries provide for over 52 percent of Rajasthan’s total revenue. Rajasthan accounts for 10.2% of India’s total agricultural land. The Kharif season sees … Read more

Sesame Cultivation: Improved Varieties and How To Farm Sesame


Sesame Cultivation: What You Should Know, Improved Sesame Varieties, And How To Farm Sesame Keep these ideas in mind when growing crops, and you’ll make a lot of money Sesame is a crucial component of oilseed crops. Sesame harvesting can be done three times a year. It is a cash crop for farmers since the … Read more

All about Guava cultivation


All about Guava cultivation Information in general It is a common but profitable crop in India. Its origins can be traced back to Central America. It is cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates. It contains a lot of calcium and phosphate, in addition to vitamin C and pectin. After mango, banana, and nimbu, it is … Read more

Papaya cultivation cost and profit

papaya cultivation cost and profit

Learn how to grow papaya in a more advanced manner (Papita ki Kheti) Among fruits, papaya holds a prominent position So in this article today we will be talking about Papaya cultivation cost and profit. This fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked. It is grown in almost every corner of India. In papaya, there … Read more

Jowar and Bajra seed production technique

Jowar and Bajra seed production technique

Jowar and Bajra seed production technique in India Jowar is the world’s fifth most consumed grain; 55 per cent of jowar is consumed in the form of bread and porridge, and the plant is fed to animals. Animal feed accounts for 33% of sorghum grain in the United States. In 1970, India produced 9 million … Read more

Cucumber cultivation: Adopt innovative technology

Cucumber cultivation: Adopt innovative technology and increase cucumber yield Improved Cucumber Cultivation: Do you know how to sow cucumbers correctly and what precautions to take during the growing season? Cucumber plays a unique role in pumpkin production. It’s made all around the country. During the summer, cucumbers are in high demand at the market. It’s … Read more

How to Grow Oranges Step-by-Step orange cultivation

How to Grow Oranges — Step-by-Step Instructions! Oranges are grown as a luscious fruit. Its fruits belong to the lemon family of fruits. After banana and mango, orange is India’s most popular fruit. Oranges are mostly used in the culinary industry. By peeling it and extracting the juice, it can be eaten as food. Drinking … Read more

Linseed cultivation in 2022

Linseed cultivation in 2022 Farmers should undertake advanced linseed cultivation for a larger yield; this is how current linseed cultivation works. Flaxseed demand has risen dramatically in recent years due to its versatility as a crop. Linseed is a valuable oilseed crop that is utilized in a variety of businesses as well as in the … Read more

Green manure farming: production methods 

green manure

Green manure farming: Green manure production methods The green manure has been used to boost fertility and productivity from the beginning of time. Although the usage of green manure has declined as a result of the development of intensive farming systems and increased area under cash crops, green manure is still employed today due to … Read more