Subsidy on solar power pump for Rajasthan farmers. Rajasthan Solar Pump Subsidy Yojana 2022

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Subsidy on solar power pump for Rajasthan farmers. Rajasthan Solar Pump Subsidy Yojana 2022.

Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Subsidy Yojana (Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Subsidy Yojana) is a scheme that The government of Rajasthan is pushing farmers to embrace solar energy in the year 2022. Subsidies are granted to farmers through government programmes on solar-powered machines by the federal and state governments. The government is emphasizing the use of solar pumps rather than electric pumps. While the central government promotes solar energy through the Kusum Yojana, the Rajasthan government manages the Rajasthan Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme 2021-2022. Farmers in Rajasthan are granted funds to install solar-powered pumps under this solar scheme. What is the Rajasthan Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme, how can farmers apply for it and benefit from it, and what is the Rajasthan Chief Minister Solar Scheme?

What is the Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme, and how does it work?

solar power pump for Rajasthan farmers

The Rajasthan government launched the Solar Energy Pump Subsidy Scheme for the state’s farmers as part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. Farmers receive a 60 percent subsidy on the entire cost of the solar pump under the Rajasthan Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme 2020-2021. The farmer must contribute 40% on his own behalf; if he does not have the funds, he might borrow 30% from the bank. Solar pumps with capacities of 3 HP and 5 HP are offered to farmers based on the size of their land.

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The Rajasthan Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme 2021-2022 clear objectives?

Farmers will be encouraged to save money by using solar energy, according to the government. The Rajasthan government has launched the Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme for this reason. Irrigation with a solar pump will relieve farmers of the added weight of electricity and diesel costs, allowing them to boost their revenue and improve their living conditions. Rajasthan’s use of solar energy would also help to reduce pollution. Please tell us which farms are qualified to apply for the program and how to apply online to take benefit of it.

Rajasthan Solar Energy Scheme Eligibility.

  • This scheme is only open to Rajasthani native farmers.
  • Farmers that use electric pumps that are connected to the power grid will not be eligible for this program.
  • This scheme is only open to farmers who own their own land. At least 0.5 hectares of cultivable land should be available to the farmer.
    Small and marginal farmers would be given priority in receiving rewards from the scheme.
  • Farmers who have registered for an agriculture energy connection through the electrical department and now want to apply for a solar pump connection will be eligible for this program.
  • Applications will be accepted only if there is a tube well / well in sections of the state that have been designated as dark zones.
  • If there is a community pond, diggi, or other water source, a subsidy on a solar pump with a 3 HP capacity will be offered.
  • If the farmer owns at least 0.5 hectares of land, he or she will be eligible for a subsidy on a solar pump with a capacity of 3 HP. Farmers with 1 hectare or more of land, on the other hand, will receive a grant for a solar pump with a 5 HP capacity.
  • The distance between your farm and the electricity grid should be at least 300 kilometers to set up a solar pump plant.

Benefits of Solar Energy Subsidy 2022 Rajasthan.

solar panel

  • Diesel pumps use more electricity to run, which raises the farmer’s electricity bill. With the usage of solar pumps, less electricity will be consumed, lowering the farmer’s costs.
  • This will also help the farmer’s financial situation.
  • After the solar pump is installed, the supplier company is responsible for its upkeep for the next seven years.
    The supplier company additionally provides a complimentary 7-year insurance policy.
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Required Documents for the Chief Minister Solar Agriculture Pump Grant Scheme in Rajasthan.

  • Identity cards such as the Aadhar card, Bhamashah card, and Jan Aadhar card can be utilized.
  • Acceptance affidavit for the scheme’s terms and conditions.
  • Certificate of verification confirming the application’s eligibility.
  • The solar pump supplier has issued a technical report.
  • two passport-size photos.
  • a photocopy of your bank statement.
  • Documents concerning the land Agriculture connection receipt in Khasra Khatauni.
  • crop girdawari report.
  • three-party contract.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Solar Scheme Application.

  • To join the scheme, you must first go to your local electrical department and apply after depositing 1000/-.
  • Secondly ,you’ll need to download the application form then print it out once you’ve received grant approval.
  • Carefully fill out the application form’s questions and attach photocopies of any essential papers.
  • Now send this form to your district’s Horticulture Development Society office.

Rajasthan Solar Energy Subsidy 2021-2022 Important Link.

online form download
grant application process


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