How to grow opium to become wealthy.

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Grow opium to become wealthy.

Poppy is a flowering plant that belongs to the family of sinful plants. The poppy is said to be native to the Mediterranean region. It was widely publicized from here. It is mostly grown in nations such as India, China, Asia Minor, and Turkey. In India, the poppy crop is grown in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. For the cultivation and trade of poppy, approval from the government’s Excise Department is required. The intoxicating opium derived from the poppy plant is known as Afeem.

Opium cultivation attracts the most attention. The reason is straightforward. And that is, earning a very low-cost roof tearing. Although opium cultivation is banned in the country, if it is done with the permission of the Narcotics Department, you have nothing to fear.

The cultivation of opium necessitates a temperate climate. Temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius are required for growing.


Opium may be cultivated in practically any type of soil, but it prefers medium to deep black soil with good drainage and plenty of organic matter and a low pH. It is suitable in areas where opium has not been cultivated for the last 5-6 years and has a value of 7.

preparing the farm

opium , afeem

Because the seed of the poppy is so minute, proper field preparation is crucial. As a result, the field is plowed vertically and horizontally twice. At the same time, the field is browned and leveled with a pata after 20-30 carts of well-rotted cow dung have been mixed into the soil. Following that, 3 m long and 1 m wide shaped beds are constructed for ease of agricultural labor.

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Primary types of plants

The variants indicated for Madhya Pradesh include Jawahar Opium-16, Jawahar Opium-539, and Jawahar Opium-540.

seed treatment and seed rate

5-6 kg when sowing in a row And Fukva 7-8 kg after sowing Per hectare, seeds are required.

Time to sow

It should be done during the last week of October and the second week of November.

Method of seeding

Seeds should be placed at a distance of 0.5-1 cm apart. Row to row, 30 cm deep, and 0-9 cms. Sow at a distance from one plant to the next.

Weeding and pruning are two different types of weeding.

After 25-30 days of sowing, the first weeding and weeding activity should be performed, followed by a second action of eliminating diseased, pest-affected, and underdeveloped plants after 35-40 days. The space between plants is 8-10 cm after 50-50 days. Keeping 3.50-4.0 lakh seedlings per acre is very important.

Fertilizers and manures

Use the recommended amount of manure and fertilizer based on the soil test to acquire increased production from the poppy crop. During the wet season, green cowpea or linen manure should be sown in the field. If green manure is not available, add 20-30 cars of well-decomposed cow dung at the time of preparation. Aside from that, add 38 kg urea, 50 kg single superphosphate, and half kilogram sulphur/10 heavy muriate of potash.


Irrigate soon after sowing, then every 7-10 days for good germination, then every 12-15 days for good germination, depending on soil and weather conditions. Irrigation is required 3-7 days prior to the planting of buds, blooms, buds, and incisions. Irrigate after two or three incisions in heavy soil and after two or three incisions in light land. Drip irrigation produces promising outcomes.

Hairy mildew prevention for crops

For the next three years, do not sow opium in the field where the sickness occurs only once. Spray neem decoction 500 ml per pump and micro zyme 25 ml per pump for disease prevention after mixing it well at least three times and after thirty, fifty, and seventy days of planting.

Mildew with a powdery appearance

With trepidation, spray 2.5 kg sulfur soluble powder per acre in February.

Braided doda

Spray micro zyme 500 ml per hectare combined with 400 or 500 liters of water and soak it before flowering and after planting.

Target a greater yield

  • After seed treatment, sow.
  • Sow when the time is right, and sift when the time is right.
  • Use fungicides and insecticides in the amounts recommended.
  • Irrigation is required at the bud and flower buds stages.
  • Make sure your nails aren’t too long.
  • Only do luna when it’s freezing outside.
  • Spray the drug every 20-25 days to defend against black misi or codia.
  • Always utilize high-quality seeds.
  • In the event of an issue, contact the Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s scientists as soon as possible.

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