How to do banana chips production

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How to do banana chips production

Banana Chips, whether they’re banana chips or any other kind of chips These are incredibly popular treats that are enjoyed by individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Although it is true that Banana Chips are synonymous with Potato Chips, Potato Chips are more popular than Banana Chips, and they are marketed in enormous quantities. Regardless, Banana Chips are requested in the market by a specific category, and people enjoy eating them. soo in todays post we will get a brief description on How to do banana chips production.

The major difference between banana chips and potato chips in terms of the second largest market is that banana chips face less competition. Because the market for banana chips is so small, the major branded firms that make potato chips can’t afford to pay attention to them.

Because no brand has established dominance in the market and no competitive price has been set for good quality in this sort of business, new entrepreneurs will find plenty of opportunities in the banana chip manufacturing industry.

What does it take to make Banana Chips [Banana Chips]?

However, when it comes to creating Banana Chips (How to do banana chips production)  or Banana Chips at home, many turn to the internet for ideas. However, we are not making Banana Chips for personal consumption; rather, we are making Banana Chips to earn money.

When it comes to the Banana Chips Manufacturing firm, we may refer to it as a commercial unit that produces Banana Chips. Simply put, when an entrepreneur makes banana chips commercially for a living, we may say that the entrepreneur is in the Banana Chips Manufacturing industry.

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Sales Prospects for Banana Chips

How to do banana chips production

Banana Chips are steadily becoming accepted as a delectable snack in many households, and they are extensively utilized as snacks due to their flavor. Banana Chips are widely utilized in South India, where the Mondan Nendram people use two sorts of banana chips: the Nandram, which is prepared by frying in coconut oil, and the Mandan, which is made from groundnut or sunflower oil. It’s prepared by frying it in oil.

This is why it is also used as a potato chip alternative by some individuals. Because this is a new product, it may take some time to establish reputation in the marketplace. As a result, a Banana Chips Manufacturing Business entrepreneur can offer his goods to the drivers of various department stores, superstores, and self-service counters. It has the potential to be used by housewives as well, due to the existence of ready-to-eat features.

Making banana chips requires the following machinery and raw materials

Although various types of machinery are utilized in the production of banana chips. The following list of key machinery and equipment is utilized as raw materials, primarily raw bananas, salt, edible oil, and other spices.

  • Tank for washing bananas
  • Peeling Machine for Bananas
  • Slicing machine for bananas
  • Machine for frying bananas
  • Machine for rinsing and spinning
  • Machine for seasoning bananas
  • Printing Machine for Pouch
  • Instruments for the Laboratory
  • The following is a list of the primary raw materials used in the production of banana chips.
  • bananas in their natural state
  • oil that is edible
  • Salt
  • spices of many kinds
  • Materials for packaging, such as pouches, boxes, and straps
Banana Chips Fryer MachinePower: 203kw
Banana Chips Packing MachinePower: 4kw
Dimension: 3000*3000*2800mm
Banana Chips Slicer MachinePower: 0.75kw
Dimension: 650*550*900mm
Capacity: 600-800KG/H
Blanching MachinePower: 70kw
Dewatering MachinePower: 15kw
Dimension: 4000*1200*1400mm
Vibrating Deoiling MachinePower: 1.5kw
Dimension: 1500*1000*1300mm
Air Drying MachinePower: 8kw
Dimension: 4000*1200*1600mm
Seasoning MachinePower: 1.5kw
Dimension: 2000*700*1600mm

Banana Chips Manufacturing Process

How to do banana chips production

The raw bananas are first washed in a washing tank to remove dust, grime, and other contaminants before being processed into banana chips. After properly washing the bananas, the peels are removed using a Banana Peeling Machine. After removing the peel, the banana must be thinly sliced, which can be accomplished with a Slicing Machine. The thickness of the banana chunks can be kept between 1.8mm and 2.4mm in this method.

After that, the chopped chips are placed in the blanching tank so that frying the banana is not hampered.

After that, these cut slices are placed in a spinner to reduce the amount of moisture in them, after which they are placed in a frying machine for frying, and they are removed when golden brown in color. It is sent to the Flavored Machine, where it is blended with salt and other spices to taste. They are wrapped in sachets with nitrogen gas to preserve the taste and can be earned by selling in the market.


1. What is the price of the machine?

Answer: Varied models have different prices; simply tell us what you need and our sales team will recommend a model and price that meets your needs.

2, What is your machine’s raw material?

Answer: Our machines are manufactured of stainless steel; however, if you have any unique requirements, please let us know.

3. What if the voltage is incompatible with our country’s requirements?

Answer: Customizing the voltage is possible; simply let us know before the machine is built.

4, Which heating method is better for the frying machine?

Dear Sir or Madam, we have gas and electric heaters, both of which can be customized. You can select the most appropriate option based on your requirements.

Advantages of Banana Chips Processing Plant

1. There are company that offers a variety of production capacities for you to choose from, including 50kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, and 1000kg/h;

2. This processing plant greatly increases banana chip productivity, saving time and labor when compared to manual operation.

3. The time it takes to complete the entire operation, including blanching, frying, and flavoring, can be altered;

4. Cost-effective for small-scale or medium-scale plantain chip production;

5. The conveyor device is the difference between semi-automatic and automatic. Workers must manually place items into the next machine in the semi-automatic line.

6. Banana chips created by machine are neater and more attractive.

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