Lilium Propagation Techniques


Lilium Propagation Techniques Flowers have attracted humans since the dawn of time because of their colour and texture. At this time, floriculture has evolved into a business. For many countries around the world, this is their primary source of income. Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the Himalayas, is one of those mountainous states endowed by nature, … Read more

Papaya cultivation cost and profit

papaya cultivation cost and profit

Learn how to grow papaya in a more advanced manner (Papita ki Kheti) Among fruits, papaya holds a prominent position So in this article today we will be talking about Papaya cultivation cost and profit. This fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked. It is grown in almost every corner of India. In papaya, there … Read more

Cucumber cultivation: Adopt innovative technology

Cucumber cultivation: Adopt innovative technology and increase cucumber yield Improved Cucumber Cultivation: Do you know how to sow cucumbers correctly and what precautions to take during the growing season? Cucumber plays a unique role in pumpkin production. It’s made all around the country. During the summer, cucumbers are in high demand at the market. It’s … Read more

How to Grow Oranges Step-by-Step orange cultivation

How to Grow Oranges — Step-by-Step Instructions! Oranges are grown as a luscious fruit. Its fruits belong to the lemon family of fruits. After banana and mango, orange is India’s most popular fruit. Oranges are mostly used in the culinary industry. By peeling it and extracting the juice, it can be eaten as food. Drinking … Read more

Linseed cultivation in 2022

Linseed cultivation in 2022 Farmers should undertake advanced linseed cultivation for a larger yield; this is how current linseed cultivation works. Flaxseed demand has risen dramatically in recent years due to its versatility as a crop. Linseed is a valuable oilseed crop that is utilized in a variety of businesses as well as in the … Read more

Business of greenhouse farming

scientific farming+

Business of greenhouse farming What is the best way to start a greenhouse farming business? Agriculture is a demanding job, as crops are continuously exposed to bad weather. Climate and atmospheric conditions have a big impact on how well your crops thrive. Because crop production is so important to world food security, there is no … Read more