12 enhanced wheat cultivars for Rajasthan

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12 enhanced wheat cultivars for Rajasthan, along with their features The state of Rajasthan has a diverse range of crop varieties due to its geographical position and environmental variability. As a result of the geographical location and environmental variance, the following particular wheat cultivars have been recommended: HD 2967 The Indian Agricultural Research Institute in … Read more

Advanced bael cultivation and how to undertake it :vine fruit

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How to undertake advanced bael cultivation – step-by-step instructions Bael is a plant that is grown as a horticultural crop. Bilva, Pativat, Shailpatra, Lakshmiputra, Shriphal, Sadaphal, and Shiveshta are some of the names given to it. In Hinduism, this plant is regarded as sacred. In Vedic Sanskrit literature, it is known as the divine tree. … Read more

Bean cultivation and its commercial significance

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Bean cultivation and its commercial significance Beans are a type of vine that grows on which the beans are grown. It is a significant green vegetable. It is green, yellow, and white in colour. Its pods, which come in a variety of sizes, contain medicinal characteristics. As a result, by consuming it, a person can … Read more

Sesame Cultivation: Improved Varieties and How To Farm Sesame


Sesame Cultivation: What You Should Know, Improved Sesame Varieties, And How To Farm Sesame Keep these ideas in mind when growing crops, and you’ll make a lot of money Sesame is a crucial component of oilseed crops. Sesame harvesting can be done three times a year. It is a cash crop for farmers since the … Read more

Cultivation and profits from Groundnut farming

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2022 Groundnut Cultivation, Time and profits from Groundnut cultivation Groundnut, also known as the poor man’s cashew, is more postic than cashew. Groundnut cultivation is recognized in Kharif crops as a crop that may be prepared at a reasonable cost. Farmers’ brothers claim that there is a healthy trade and demand for groundnut in the … Read more

When to plant hybrid and native cucumbers

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When to plant hybrid and native cucumbers, as well as detailed information on modern farming Do you want to learn more about Hybrid Cucumber Cultivation or Desi Cucumber Cultivation? Continue reading until the end. If you want to undertake advanced cucumber cultivation, you must do so in a scientific manner. Cucumber cultivation in Hindi, disease … Read more

Business and new mushroom cultivation methods.

How to start mushroom farming Mushroom farming is a one-of-a-kind enterprise. If you have the appropriate information about this business, you can easily earn many millions of rupees every year. Come understand A to Z Scientific Techniques of Mushroom Cultivation with this post. How to cultivate Mushroom  This is an unavoidable question that will emerge … Read more

All about Guava cultivation


All about Guava cultivation Information in general It is a common but profitable crop in India. Its origins can be traced back to Central America. It is cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates. It contains a lot of calcium and phosphate, in addition to vitamin C and pectin. After mango, banana, and nimbu, it is … Read more

Lilium Propagation Techniques


Lilium Propagation Techniques Flowers have attracted humans since the dawn of time because of their colour and texture. At this time, floriculture has evolved into a business. For many countries around the world, this is their primary source of income. Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the Himalayas, is one of those mountainous states endowed by nature, … Read more

Papaya cultivation cost and profit

papaya cultivation cost and profit

Learn how to grow papaya in a more advanced manner (Papita ki Kheti) Among fruits, papaya holds a prominent position So in this article today we will be talking about Papaya cultivation cost and profit. This fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked. It is grown in almost every corner of India. In papaya, there … Read more