Money plant cultivation and how to grow in your home

Money plant cultivation

How to go for Money plant cultivation The money plant is thought to bring good fortune to the home. Its cultivation is simple and does not necessitate any special attention. Many people believe that the money plant offers them good fortune, happiness, and money. Planting a money plant is also thought to bring great energy … Read more

Lilium Propagation Techniques


Lilium Propagation Techniques Flowers have attracted humans since the dawn of time because of their colour and texture. At this time, floriculture has evolved into a business. For many countries around the world, this is their primary source of income. Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the Himalayas, is one of those mountainous states endowed by nature, … Read more

Marigold flower commercial cultivation

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Marigold flower commercial cultivation, profit from marigold flower cultivation In India, the marigold is regarded as a very important flower. It is utilised in temples, weddings, and many other occasions around the country. Burns, wounds, and skin irritations can all be prevented with marigold flower extract. Because marigold flowers are high in vitamin C, an … Read more