How to do banana chips production

How to do banana chips production

How to do banana chips production Banana Chips, whether they’re banana chips or any other kind of chips These are incredibly popular treats that are enjoyed by individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Although it is true that Banana Chips are synonymous with Potato Chips, Potato Chips are more popular than Banana Chips, and … Read more

Money plant cultivation and how to grow in your home

Money plant cultivation

How to go for Money plant cultivation The money plant is thought to bring good fortune to the home. Its cultivation is simple and does not necessitate any special attention. Many people believe that the money plant offers them good fortune, happiness, and money. Planting a money plant is also thought to bring great energy … Read more

11 states in India having best agricultural background

11 states in India having the best agricultural background There are 11 states in India having the best agricultural background. We already know that India is a farming country. However, it is critical for us to understand which Indian states are the most agricultural, as well as which crops are farmed in particular states. Agriculture … Read more

Drumstick cultivation: business and profit


Drumstick cultivation is rich of virtues in what way? ‘One expense, 10 yields’ for two crops in a year Drumstick has a long list of advantages, including cereals-vegetables, horticulture, cash, commercial, medicinal farming, cheap cost, and high profit. Drumsticks can be grown in a variety of acidic soils. It prefers an environment that is both … Read more

Moong Cultivation 2022: Read this if you plan to plant moong in Zayed…

Moong Cultivation 2022: Read this if you plan to plant moong in Zayed Moong is a popular pulse crop that is grown throughout Rajasthan. Zayed Moong cultivation is advantageous in locations with high water holding capacity, catchment areas, and sandy loam, black, and yellow soils with good water holding ability. Zayed Moong can be sown … Read more

Bihar’s major crops and production areas. Bihar’s Major Crops

bihar , bodh gaya

Bihar’s major crops and production areas Floods have affected the majority of Bihar. Farmers have lost faith in Bihar’s agriculture, yet they are highly concerned about crop yield. Agriculture is very important in Bihar’s economy. Agriculture contributes 18.7% of Bihar’s gross domestic product. Bihar’s main crops Rice, wheat, barley, maize, jute, millet, potato, mustard, gramme, … Read more

Advanced wheat production technologies


Wheat production technologies advanced, when and how to sow Farmers begin preparing for Rabi crops after harvesting Kharif crops. Wheat is one of the key Rabi crops. Farmers can receive good yields by paying attention to a few details. In the previous four decades, India has made significant progress in wheat production. Wheat production has … Read more

Rajasthan’s Agriculture and Crops

rajasthan , jodhpur

Rajasthan’s Agriculture and Crops Before independence, agriculture was the backbone of Rajasthan’s economy. Agriculture and animal husbandry employ around 70% of Rajasthan’s entire working population, both directly and indirectly. Agriculture and related industries provide for over 52 percent of Rajasthan’s total revenue. Rajasthan accounts for 10.2% of India’s total agricultural land. The Kharif season sees … Read more